02-01-2021 11:44:09 PM PST

Why Did God Use A Rib To Make Eve The regenerating regrowing amazing rib bone marrow stem cells DNA



02-01-2021 9:51:25 PM PST

Life is REAL when you EXPERIENCE IT for yourself! 


02-01-2021 9:46:47 PM PST

Do what's RIGHT, NOW before it's too late, Let your VOICE be heard! 


01-15-2021 12:22:50 PM PST

It's time Warriors to get Active, start Alerting others as they have the Right to Know!

Many people today know something is wrong, but don't know where to turn, we need each other! 


01-14-2021 9:16:37 AM PST

When the SHTF the government will NOT be there to Help You! 

During a Civil unrest NO ONE is coming to help you, so be prepared & Independent! 


01-13-2021 11:37:16 PM PST

Mankind has to be strong, mentally, physically & spiritually

Mankind is not from this wicked world, we must alert others, we must walk away from corruption! 

Mankind must Motivate, Educate & Activate other sleeping Warriors! 


01-08-2021 9:30:39 PM PST

The Destruction of the Global Economy is all done by Design accordlying to the 

World Economic Forum, a digital basic income is soon coming! 

Government is Slavery Period! 


01-08-2021 9:22:16 PM PST

The Beast System is Rising & so is The Mark! 


01-08-2021 9:08:17 PM PST

Global Leaders have sold out their Citizens to Communism!

Patriots, Christians, Conservatives are Now considered Domestic Terrorist!



01-04-2021 9:56:49 PM PST

Congress worships another god.  America

no longer holds Christian values. America has been taken over!

A DEMOCRATIC congressman has sparked fury after ending a prayer with "amen and awomen". Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, an ordained United Methodist minister from Missouri, also mentioned the Hindu god Brahma while praying at the opening of Congress. He said: “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic god, Brahma, and ‘god’ known by many names by many different faiths."

video time stamp 2:47

The enemy worked it's way in by deceiving

The People so to over throw a country

from the inside out! Congress is definitely "wolves" in sheep's clothing "pretending" to be for The People when in "FACT" it's all been a lie! 


01-04-2021 9:13:47 PM PST

Start 2021 be as a Warrior, we must STOP 

The Great Reset

Humanity must be strong, mentally, physically & spiritually

Humanity is in a battle with Global Governance! 


01-02-2021 3:30:34 PM PST

The Year 2021 Humanity STOPPED The Great Reset! 


01-01-2021 6:01:59 PM PST

2021 is the Year Humanity Stands up against 

The Global Reset! The sleeping GIANT Awakens! 

The above video explains in detail, highlighting the leaders who are the traitors of humanity. They have taken upon themselves (globally) to reset the world system merging into ONE system that will track, trace & control humanity. 

Who made the leaders gods, why are they in charge of changing the future of humanity without humanities say so! 

These global leaders are NOT working in the best interest of humanity, but instead they are working for themselves, creating their utopia society getting rid of those individuals that contribute nothing to society and enslaving the rest, under one global system, one global leader, one global religion and one global dictator. 

These global leaders have killed, stolen money and destroyed humanities lives throughout the world. They need to be stopped, before it's too late! 

The Great Reset will end...




The Great Reset will begin to; track, trace & control


Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus



01-01-2021 12:09:34 AM PST

Goodbye 2020 what a Year! 

A year of Great Revelations, a clear Vision of the Enemies Against Humanity! 


12-30-2020 6:18:24 PM PST

2020 was definitely the year of revealing the traitors & sell-outs of humanity! 

It was a worldwide Awakening! 

 Major CEO's who stepped down in the past months; Disney, MasterCard, LBrands, Uber Eats, Hulu, MGM, IBM, Wells Fargo, & Linkedin etc. 

 Controlled Demolition of The Economy

 Insider trading foreknowledge to sell stocks before the crash. 

 Billionaire -corporations begging Government for bailouts - handouts, billionaires ask for money from the public to fund their employees. 

 How Congress gets away with insider Trading even though it's Against the Law. 

 Rules for thee and not for me per government officials

 Top down more government control and citizen push back. 



12-29-2020 10:41:07 PM PST

Don't let Fear take over your Life, live it to the Fullest! 

The enemy uses Fear to paralyze & to control it's subject, it's all a GAME! 

You have to know it's a GAME & understand how to beat the GAME, otherwise you become VICTIM & the enemy wins! 

This video is one of many showcasing how the enemy hates those that goes against their orders, & the enemy also hates those individuals that they can NOT CONTROL into submission! 



12-29-2020 9:26:13 PM PST

STOP wasting your time Patriots

please read on, because this message is for you! 

If you don't support politics and if you walked away from the world stage,

well then (CONGRATS) this message isn't for you,

continue reading you may know of someone, to share this post with. 

Politics in general is a touchy subject and it usually gets people either, defensive or argumentative. It's like a sport choosing sides (red or blue) voting for the lesser of the two evils. 

 I stopped supporting politics decades ago, due to the politicians promises never kept and due to the lack of support from government to The People promised to protect and serve. Well that never happened. 

Look at humanity today in the 21st century, the world is on a global lock down due to a pandemic that is spiraling out of control and obviously global governments are not looking for a solution to open up society, but from their own mouths and literature, they are starting "The Great Reset", which will transform humanities way of life as we know it, going back to prior 2019 is NOT an option. It really is a battle of...

Global Governance vs. Humanity! 

When you research The Great Reset and what they call The 4th Industrial Revolution, as humanity is moving into the Age of Aquarius, you will find out that Global Governments have been working on resetting the world to their perfect utopia many decades ago. 

they are using the virus as a reason, as a smoke screen to get what they want, because if they were to have the peoples of the world vote on "The Great Reset" people will SAY NO, because they will see how much this new system will enslave humanity, humanity will have LOST all of their FREEDOMS, PRIVACY and GOD give RIGHTS! 

Communist is taking over the world! 

So then the other point to consider, is that our votes really don't count, protesting, voting in another candidate has ALL BEEN A DECEPTION! For the simple facts that Global Governments have been working on resetting the world system merging into one. They have scripted our future all without humanities input. Humanity has been robbed blind, right in front of us, they stole many countries wealth all for themselves, & now they pulled the rug from underneath us. 

Again that's why I walked away from the world stage, because it's all been a SCAM. This is how the rich get richer and the poor keep getting poorer! When a International Banking system take over a country, the citizens are slaves to the bankers i.e. IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, & IMF. 


When you see this type of activity taking place in your country, well then that means your country has been taken over, the enemy working from within. The enemy didn't have to send in their troops or tanks, NOPE they had traitors working from within making sure the take over happens successfully. And I'm sure you already know who the traitors are to humanity, just look at their actions, are they helping the people or enslaving the people? 

STOP giving away your Energy & supporting corruption. 

Right now in this very moment, humanity needs each other. Government is the cancer on the planet. To partake in their corruption is to also have their blood on your hands for all of the unjust murders, stealing and enslavement's, that they have caused throughout the world. They are wolves, they are ticks that suck the life & energy from humanity. They are the ones who create FEAR so one is easily controlled and obeying government. 

The falling away of the old system & many Freedoms lost! 

If you believe in a one creator of everything God, understand that he is in total control. Use this time before it's too late to get right, protect & strengthen your Mind, Body & Soul. YOU are NOT alone in this battle, that's why you are here reading this. Many people throughout the global have awaken from the corruption and the deception by global leaders. The creator of everything has had enough, he see's all the destruction, killings, stealing and evilness on the planet. 

You are Fearless, because you were born to be Free & Independent! 
Don't look back, keep moving, help others, I know believe me I know it's tough, all that is happening worldwide. But sorry to say it's going to get worse before it gets better. Fight the good fight & we welcome you to the Fear No More family. Signing out "Warrior Joe 


12-28-2020 8:55:48 PM PST

What is Governments job to The American People?,

this applies to the rest of humanity globally! 

Simple answer is to; Protect Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness

Declaration of Independence  In Congress July 1776

Governments job is NOT to; create stimulus bills, put money in your pocket, not to keep your businesses open, not to shut them down, not to protect you from a pandemic, not to be your daddy etc. 

It's clearly obvious government has now become BIG BROTHER! Government no longer in the 21st century; protecting life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness, for government has turned everything upside down, they lie, cheat, destroy & steal from humanity. 

Governments serves; Corporations, International Banksters aka "Mobsters", Big Tech, Big Pharma & Global Governments. 

The above cartoon illustration states facts and the obvious that Government is NOT the solution, for they are the PROBLEM!

This is reason why millions upon millions of people have walked away from poli-tics, because they are ticks that suck the energy out from you & offer no solutions, but create more & more problems. 

Government also creates "fear mongering" so one becomes easily controlled and obedient, we see it on "TV, print, radio, movies, social media etc" aka "propaganda.  

When you are "Fearless" you are Independent & not easily controllable, government hates what they can't MANipulate! 

Here at "Fear No More" our mission is to wake as many people up to the deception and the corruption. STOP supporting and giving away your energy to government, because when you participate you are consenting and giving away YOUR power, YOU are feeding the BEAST system. 


The Easy solution is to walk away from the world stage! 

Reclaim your individuality and your freewill as God intended! 

Look to Humanity to empower, motivate, help & to give

especially in the dark times we live in! 

Why do you think the enemy has humanity locked up in their homes, because they don't want us uniting! The BILLIONS of us we can over throw the 1% rulers of the world. 



12-27-2020 9:30:58 PM PST

Media lies about "$900 Billion Stimulus"

American tax payers have the right to know where your tax dollars is going to, so here you go!!

Bail out funds only keeps society closed, small businesses will remain closed

and The American People will only receive $600.00

Why is The American tax payers paying for "Foreign Countries" PLUS

"Domestic Funding" for Art Galleries & Museums when the Stimulus is for COVID-19 relief. 

to read the Stimulus --> "SENATE AMENDMENT TO H.R. 133"


Why is The American tax payers paying for the Senate office buildings "furniture" 

Wow talk about waist full spending & Americans get $600.00



Federal Employees Get a Raise

from the 900 Billion Stimulus @ the tax payers expense! 

More Millions & Billions of dollars to Police, Track & to Control Humanity

again at the tax payers expense. 

The Vaccine is NOT FREE American tax payers already paid for that too! 

On page 1278 over $3.2 Billion goes towards vaccines & Global Health Programs

One of the programs goes to The GAVI Alliance which is funding for;

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 

World Health Organization, UNICEF, The World Bank etc.  

The fact of the matter is that 

Government hasn't for a very long time working for The American People

nor globally for that matter. They; kill, steal & destroy everything that government touches. 

More government is NOT the solution, as they are the PROBLEM!

They are so out of touch with The People.

Governments actions speaks loud & The People have listened!

With that said STOP supporting corruption

and start supporting humanity, start uplifting each other exposing the enemy 

wearing sheep's clothing. Government is NOT the savior of humanity. 



12-27-2020 3:10:18 PM PST

California Civil Code 51 protects you from being discriminated against and denied entry because of your religion and medical condition (among other things.) There is likely a civil law code in your state protecting you from discrimination as well.

click image to access PDF 

click HERE for website "California Legislative Information

For more information on your rights to wear a mask or not, subscribe to  

The Health American Peggy Hall You Tube channel. 



12-27-2020 2:55:39 PM PST

Wi-fi, cell phone towers 5G & 6G technologies

DANGERS to the Human body! 

click image to down load PDF

Please share this information, links, make copies pass out. 

click HERE to access Stop The Crime website


12-27-2020 1:32:39 PM PST

To wear a face mask or NOT

Let's think for a minute! 

We already know global governments are corrupt as they lie, cheat and steal from the people. Why do they all of a sudden care about humanities health? Why are they constantly beating up humanity for not wearing a mask, wash your hands, stay 6 feet apart?, and now in the works of creating a global vaccine! 

Humanity has to question everything, even challenge authority. If Global Governments "track,trace & control" their populations, who's putting them on check? That's humanities duty & call to action! 

"If people just wear the damm mask & take the vaccine, humanity will go back to normal". 

The fact(s) of the matter is that, that statement is FALSE and global governments know prior to 2019 humanity, society will be transitioning to what they call "The Great Reset". The virus is being used as a smoke screen to usher in what global governments have been working on for many decades. 

Key point; If there was no virus & global governments decided to change the global system to "The Great Reset" do you actually think they can get away with it?, of course NOT! People would reject and challenge their governments. So the enemy has to create (chaos) a GLOBAL PANDEMIC to get what they want! It's all a lie, they are creating fear, they have destroyed, families, destroyed small businesses, the economy and the list goes on & on! 

This is NOT to say that the virus is not real, of course people are getting sick and or dying, but you have to remember governments are inflating the numbers, they are inflating the cases, they are printing money and enriching themselves, and their intentions is to serve; Corporations, International Bankers, and Global Governance. Humanity is in their way of taking over the planet. 

Here are some common sense rules to wearing a mask, "do & don't"

1. Don't wear a mask when you are by yourself, in the car, out doors or exercising. 

A. your body needs fresh air, you are breathing in your own toxic air, this creates an lower immune system, this is how you get sick easily. 

B. If you must only wear a mask when you are around other people, period. 

C. If you are exercising your free will NOT to wear a mask in public good for you, but first know your

civil rights CA code 51 and use them to relate to others when confronted by a store employee. You may have health issues, or trouble breathing etc. 

2. Stop watching main stream media for the latest virus updates. 

A. MSM only creates fear, MSM never brings solutions, only solutions is more obedient and complaints.

B. Have you notice MSM never recommends to eat fruits and veggies to build up your immune system? 

C. MSM narrative and agenda is to push a global vaccine and to create fear, because fearful citizens are easily controlled. 

3. Education is KEY and MOST important of ALL. Without knowledge and truth one is lost and confused as to what's actually going on and what actions to take. 

4. If you are working 8 hours a day with a face mask on, make sure you take breaks to breath in fresh air, if possible have your nose exposed & only cover your mouth, so you are breathing in fresh air. The human body needs clean air, otherwise you are recycling toxic air back into your body, which is not health & creates sickness. 

5. Help educate others family, friends and strangers. Be confident in relaying your message. Remember YOU are not the enemy, YOU are simply the messenger here to help uplift and educate others with truth, as there is more to the truth that the average person is NOT understanding. 

6. It's about "Independence" not one person has all the answers & also we must understand the "INTENTIONS" is one helping or taking away? Bring solutions or creating problems?

7. Key points; eat healthy foods; fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of water, get sun light, in order to have energy, you have to create it, so exercise, minimize your exposure to radio frequencies; wi-fi, computers, cell phones, smart appliances, as your body is being polluted with dirty frequencies that causes sickness, lack of energy, lower immune system, brain fog, anxiety, stress, unable to sleep, chronic fatigue, eye pain, etc. click HERE for more information PDF. 

8. For more information on your rights to wear a mask or not, subscribe to  The Health American Peggy Hall You Tube channel. 


12-27-2020 1:20:21 PM PST

Global Governance have NO Intention on paying back the

National Debt as they are stealing from Humanity & then taxing

Humanity for the monies they have stolen! This is how the rich keep getting richer by using other peoples (humanities) money! 

Humanity pays for unjust global wars, pharmaceutical drugs (vaccines), bails out corporations, banks, sends money to other countries and the list goes on & on.

What about The People?, All we get is crumbs. The whole monetary system is a SCAM

click on image to access Live data. 


12-27-2020 12:35:39 PM PST

Humanities enemy is Global Governance

Corruption equals the End of Freedoms

The above video is for educational purposed only, stating the facts on "Corruption"

FNM has no affiliation with the publisher "Transparency International". 

To Support corruption is to Partake in

their crimes against Humanity

Corruption in the United States is the act of government officials abusing their political powers for private gain, typically through bribery or other methods.

In 2018, Transparency International ranked the United States as the 22nd least corrupt country,[1] falling from 18th since 2016.[2] The United States ranked between France (21) and the United Arab Emirates (23). In 2019, Transparency International stated that the United States is "experiencing threats to its system of checks and balances", along with an "erosion of ethical norms at the highest levels of power."