Life as you know it, is Beautiful...

Fun times


Graduation day

Holiday parties

Life as you also know it, is Ugly...

Bad economy, bad government etc.

High unemployment, no jobs.

Bankers start global wars with tax payer money.

Politicians support corporations, not the people.

How did Mankind get distracted...

Materialism stuff & more stuff. Greed for money. Pursueing the American Dream. Entertainment, sports, music, movies, TV, etc. Gadgets - toys, cellphones technology. Many Religions organizations.

Media, print, News, radio.


Wars, Sickness, Politics, Economy.


The system in which we live in is designed to get you distracted with petty things that are meaningless, to take you away from the true reality that the world around you is being destroyed from within. The illusion - lies are so GRAND and DEEP that one can NOT comprehend FACT from FICTION. That's why on a global scale people are waking up from their sleep and are starting to realize the system all around them is falling apart. Nothing is the same anymore, time is moving at a rapid pace, making it hard to catch up. Now the question is when will it all be over? What is the end game? How can you make a positive change?

to... Fear No



"Fear No" is a nonprofit, free online course, you can get started today or anytime that is best for you. We understand life in general can be busy with; family, friends, work & school, etc., and when you do have free time you turn on the television watching the nightly news just to listen to the doom and gloom. So it makes sense why one would seek to be entertained or self-medicated to escape reality, or maybe we have a feeling of helplessness? 

The fact of the matter is that it's an information war on the minds of mankind globally, its goal is to confuse, destroy, kill, steal & to hide the truth. It's no wonder why millions of people are turning to "alternative media" & or doing their own "citizen reporting" to obtain the real facts. 

Fear No has created this website to be your One Stop free online course which covers many topics from; education, health, music, art, politics, etc., over 10 years in the making, easy to understand studies with facts to bring you vital information you have the right to know. All courses are outlined with references, links and videos. In depth studies and interviews with people from all walks of life from around the world.

We fear what we do not understand, know thy enemy &

expose of them to the world!


Time cut short due to online censorship

One of many reasons why "Fear No" was created due to the heavy online censorship from "youtube" i.e "google" & "facebook" to name a few. The powers that shouldn't be are threatened by the truth being exposed & therefore call truth "conspiracy theory" or "fake" news, in hopes the average person doesn't continue their research on the subject matter.  Many youtube accounts have been falsely terminated due to violating their terms of services, which is'nt the case. But yet they allow nudity on other accounts & violent content viewed by minors remains active with millions of views. Their goal is to corrupt innocent minds & to silence the truth. The truth being that you were born to be free with free will. In order for REAL change to take place, it has to come from the people. Exposing the corrupt system for what it is evil an invisible enslavement prison planet, is what needs to be exposed. Is mankind funding through paying taxes their own death with so many illegal wars globally that are unjust on the innocent.

Preview of courses discussed

* The dynasty families that control the planet * Student loan fraud * United States filed bankruptcy* Income tax fraud * Religion fraud * Social Security fraud * Banking institute fraud, IRS fraud * Pharma fraud plus so many other eye opening courses you will not want to miss. The more knowledge you have the more you can see the enemy & you fear no more. All courses are studies researched years in the making and resourced links provided. With a clear understanding how you and the rest of humanity has been ripped off one can better be equiped to take on the beast with proof and evidence of their corruption against humanity.

On your first day of class

The following is a list of items and recommendations of what you will need to getting started. But first we would like to clearly state the courses learned will be overwhelming that truth will seem hard to believe at first. That is why we can not stress enough for you to continue your research into the matter. You may already know of many of the issues, but some will simply blow you out of the water. The corruption is so deep & beyond material but spiritual it will surely get you to rethink all that you were previous taught in School, University & or in Church. 

List of items and recommendations...

* Time to yourself, block all distraction

* Take notes, pad pencil, or use your pc word pad

* Bookmark websites links to your favorites

* Also bookmark this website

* Share this site with others on social media etc

* Comment on our blog we love to here what you think or what we can add

* Fear No is non profit & appreciate your financial support so we can assist the video content creators for their studies and workshops provided in the courses.

* If you don't already create a free Youtube account so you can subscribe to channels of importants to continue your studies.

* Get Active once you completed all courses, now is the time to take action. How can you help? what topics interest you? how can you lead others? what talent do you have to assist others?, to spread the word of truth. Once you know of this vital information you are held accountable to pass on this information to others. It's our civilian "brotherly & sisterly" duty to one another. Try your best is all that is expected nothing more.


You are Not Alone! You are not Crazy! You will soon find out millions of people from around the world, think the way you do & the only crazy ones are the psychopath’s that are destroying the planet for global domination, and by the way it's the environment that they control that's intoxicated not you! 

STOP being Deceived, time to WAKE UP!

Christians who Love Christ, & who Love the World are

NOT truely AWAKE to the GRAND Deception that has been put upon the world by the ENEMY!

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 1 John 2:15

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One never questioning WHO'S running the matrix?

Once you find out who's in charge

you'll surely want to unplug from the Matrix.