Social Security Number I.D and Birth Certificate. Scam

The US government has your SSN belonging to multiple bank accounts. Your NAME printed on your SS card is a corporation. Example "JOHN SMITH" not "John Smith". Your SSN is being used & traded on the US stock market. Your SSN is not worthless it's actually worth Millions. Using your SSN to purchase & pay off debt.

This is a deep hidden secret that The People need to research and get informed.

Fact The Social Security is a banking system, your SSN is your bank account number. You are an employee to the corporation of America. Hence by they call you a "CORPS" when you die.

Remember when researching you will come across articles, publications, videos discrediting the topic. Note; what country they are referencing. The enemy will create material to confuse people and to get them off track from study and bring attention to public awareness. Remember we live in a corrupt system and we know the bankers will do anything to keep the system alive to serve them only.