(SES) Senior Executive Services i.e above "The Deep State" an organization the general public knows nothing about, until now!

This information is HUGE & needs to be exposed to the world!

A secret group of men & woman around 9 thousand who weren't elected by the people. They create secret policies for the future & they don't have the best interest of the people.

The president can't even fire them, as they are above the law, too big to jail. They control every agency in the United States. No one has ever heard of these people, have you?

Solution: these people, their organization & their secret global agenda the destruction of humanity needs to be exposed to the world. That's why voting or protesting will not work, because these people are in the shadows & who are the one's controlling the outcome. They have to be eliminated, as they are the darkness and the cancer on this planet.

This is the reason for the continious global wars, the creation of diseases, global poverty, food shortages, global man made weather MANipulation, etc.