Agenda 2021 (older version) & Agenda 2030 (updated version)

The plan of depopulation of a society, total control of lands and resources. This plan created by The United Nations. Why is the UN making global agendas and decisions against the people globally.

The key word here is "GLOBALISM" a term or phrase not familiar to the average person "Joe". 

A global agenda that was created & managed by foreign leaders around the globe to break down current societies globally to bring in their NEW WORLD ORDER i.e. GLOBALISM.

Out with the current system and in with the new global system.

Citizens around the globe haven't heard of Agenda 2021 or Agenda 2030 because it is not intended to improve humanity but rather to further enslave them. These agendas are hidden away from publics concern for a reason to only makes the ULTRA RICH, KINGS & QUEENS the powers that shouldn't be who run the world, to make them more powerful and in total control of you and the planet.

These new upcoming policies - agendas have NOT BEEN VOTED ON BY THE CITIZENS, these new policies are in fact PAID FOR BY THE TAX PAYERS, basically tax payers paying for their death and enslavement to the masters in charge.

Please continue researching this topic, because you have the right to know!

This is the main reason why our current political system (globally) is corrupt & is not serving the people, but in fact serving mega corporations & their puppet masters.

Your vote doesn't count, because they have already picked the winner ahead of time, they are giving humanity the illusion of freedom to vote, to make change.

Presidents are NOT elected they are in fact SELECTED by the owners of this planet.

It's time you wake up and take charge, take a stand, don't follow the divide and conquer game that they feed the masses on television.

Keep LOVE in your heart & seek to work with each other (networking) help others, education & knowledge is the key to truth & exposing the evilness & darkness of this world.

The enemy plays both sides (good vs. evil) it's a game to the enemy, but yet millions upon millions of people worldwide have been innocently killed, and destroyed by the enemy.  It's time to take action & educated on this global agenda that has been hidden for so many centuries.


AGENDA 2030 to Transform the World PDF click HERE