Smart Dust Nano-technology

a collection of microelectromechanical systems forming a simple computer in a container light enough to remain suspended in air, used mainly for information gathering in environments that are hostile to life.

Smartdust Wikipedia

How is Smart Dust - Nano Technology being distributed = sprayed in the air by planes known as chem-trails. People around the world are breathing in smart dust & food companies are adding smart dust in their products. This is altering our DNA. 

5G technology will activate the Smart dust (billions dust) everywhere even in our bodies. says Tom Wheeler FCC chair, video below.

Black- blue- golden - green - grey- khaki - pink - red - uber Goo = transhumanism programable matter.

NOTE; your rights, privacy are being VIOLATED, did you vote for Smart dust, did you approve of smart dust being sprayed in the air by chem-trails.

Morgellons disease = hair like fibers coming out from body causing rash on body


Nanofibers in our food

How to remove Nanofibers from your foods


Smart Dust & Mind Control