United States currency fraud

The American currency is backed by NOTHING its worthless piece of paper. Printed many, many times by the US government decreased value. Federal Reserve 100 years of greed and deception, they are non-government affiliated, they are a cartel. The BIGGEST scam / fraud in US history.  This is HOW people will lose EVERYTHING by Bill Holder.

The federal reserve have printed their allegiance to their god on The American currency, money you carry in your pocket daily, not giving any thought to what those symbols mean.

These are evil men and woman who care nothing about humanity; they have a heart of darkness and pure evil. Their goal is to destroy humanity and to achieve their new world order.

They must be stopped and exposed. The issue at hand (bankers) has been ongoing for many decades and recently has been ramping up to destroy American & the way of life (society).

People need to wake up and spread this news far & wide.

Make flyers, go door to door, talk about issue in school, at universities, get others involved.

We The People have the numbers & can overthrow the bankers, federal reserve.