Artificial Inteligence (AI) will be destroying Mankind that is the goal.

AI has it's good and bad...

AI is good that it helps mankind globally, to live cleaner and healthier, advanced medical breakthrough etc.

To be honest AI serves the majority of the bad things in life. AI serves only the 1% (kings & queens) that rule the planet that's why AI is being created at a rapid pace.

This is really quite scary because the average person globally is totally unaware and or uneducated on the topic of "Artifical Inteligence (AI)"

In the following videos below you will be shocked how AI has grown so fast within a short time frame.

Remember the enemy uses marketing tatics to fool the public stating AI will help mankind and AI will solve problems of the world faster than man can. All of what they have to say about AI is all a lie just to sell the upcoming rise of AI to the public & not to cause mass panic.

You really need to share this information with others & get more knowledgable on the topic.

The enemy possibly will us as AI to say they are our creators the gods from old who are here now to help mankind. NOTE; the alien aka "fallen angels" agenda is close at hand & soon to be unveiled to usher in their New World Order, Globalism. All of this goes against the creator of all things & will surely bring on his wrath against the enemy for destroying mankind and the planet.

Coming Soon! Countdown from 10 to # 1

10. Most AI is “Female” 9. Artificial Intelligence Pets 8. Artificial Intelligence Can Repair Itself 7. Artificial Intelligence Can Write 6. Artificial Intelligence can be a Fierce Poker Player 5. Romantic Relationships with Artificial Intelligence 4. Artificial Intelligence Can Learn 3. AI Will Become Smarter Than Humans 2. Nautilus 1. The AI Apocalypse

AI will control everything globally, so what good will Mankind be?

"Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot,

or a software think intelligently in the similar manner the intelligent humans think".

They have already showed us the outcome in many, many (AI) Hollywood movies, artificial inteligence wants or has taken over mankind. Movies are total Mind Control and pre-conditioning the masses for whats to come. If mankind likes it or not here they come! We must be prepared, informed & educated on the topic. Please share with others.