Global Staged events; 9/11, Sinking of The Titanic, Pearl Harbor etc.

We know the crazy 1% the Ultra rich, The Bilderbergs, The Walbergs, The J.P Morgans & The Rockerfellers etc., are the global powers that have unlimited amounts of money that they stolen from the people globally to do as they please to get what they want in this world, which is their New World Order i.e. Globalism total mankind enslavement.

You can NOT compare yourself to these monsters, such as saying "well I wouldn't do that" or "how can they do that" etc. Supporting their unjust illegal global wars and mass geonocide on mankind is the same as you supporting their dark evil forces that whom they worship which is Satan.

Again they have unlimited amounts of money to build as many; buildings, planes, ships & people. They can do what ever they want with them after they are built even destroying them, this is how crazy they are. NOTE; the average person wouldn't even think of building something massive then to only later blow it up or wreck it, doesn't make sense, unless there was an agenda behind it!

These monsters men & women who run the world their hearts are so dark and evil one innocent person could NOT even image nor comprehend. That's why the saying goes "THE TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION"

NOTE; They LIVE in DARKNESS, while we sleep & work by day (spiritual light beings)

Keep in mind they...KILL, STEAL, DESTROY & are DECIEVERS!

When research please keep an open mind, actually clear your mind and use your critical thinking skills, question everything, keep seeking truth.

Don't use your feelings, your emotions, what you heard or what you think to form your conclusion as to what's truth & whats not.

Use FACTS, listen to verified ground zero witnessess, insiders, whistelblowers, research until you come to the truth.

NOTE; the TRUTH can not be told to you, you have to find it out on your own.

It is NOT The peoples of the world, job to stop the bankers and their actions, but it is more of our duty to WARN & EDUCATE to massess exposing their plot to dominate the planet.

Presidents don't make decisions, they do as they are told by the i.e. "Deep State, Shadow Governments etc." Many

presidents have stated in speeches longs ago that they DO NOT CALL THE SHOTS, they take orders, they are placed

in front of the public eye as they are merely actors. Presidents are not ELECTED they have already been SELECTED.

So then if the system is rigged then voting or protesting doesn't matter? It does matter to an extent!

What needs to take place means massive AWAKENING by the people


the powers that run the world. The fight is with Mankind & the 1% (shadow gov, illuminati etc).

Proof Wars are planned many years prior "taking out 7 countries in 5 years"

it's all about resources & taking out governments that don't comply with the GLOBAL AGENDA.

John F. Kennedy had his ups & downs, but at the end he WOKE UP to the

reality that he doesn't call the shots & that the country was high jacked, in his own words...

JFK is asking for the public our help to expose the corruption & to alert others.