Importance of Networking

First off YOU are not alone! After you have learned & researched you will be awaken to the corruption that's all around us & around the globe. High leaders, governments working together against the people to create a global new world order. 

This new order (smart cities) will not be in the best interest of the people as it only works for the govs around the globe. The people will be enslaved even more that before, we will be tracked, monitored 24/7 & we will carry a digital finger print everywhere we go, buy, eat & sleep. Even mind control so to not divert away from the new control grid.

Those of us that "think outside the box" & who use "critical thinking" need not to OBEY laws that goes against our God given free will.

We The People must network with like minded individuals, we must uplift each other, we must empower each other with information thats being surpressed. We must educate ourselves and others, because YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW. Especially if you are paying for it with your tax dollars.

The truth may make you feel alone because everyone (family & friends) around you will think you are crazy or a conspiracy theorist.

We know the system is corrupt to the core, we know protesting does not work, we know voting does not work, we know writing or calling your local officials or politician doesn't work.

Can we stop evil from continuing destroying the people, the planet & animals. answer maybe NO, or maybe YES if enough people around the globe are made aware & take action.

The fact of the matter is that God is real the creator of everything & he is in charge. He allows evil for a short time to destroy, kill and steal. God only gives us so much we can handle. Prophecy has to be fullfilled. Not one person can stop the enemy only God. But his children can use their spiritual gifts & spread love throught the planet & NOT walk in fear. We must leave the evil works from the enemy over to God. We must keep our heads up high, we must study & research as must as possible to obtain the enemy game plan.

Like the saying goes; "keep your friends close AND your enemies closer".   = You want to be a step ahead of the game, observing what your enemy is up to, so you can react quickly not being off guard. Staying alert so as to not being asleep at the wheel.

Supporting this corrupt system is also supporting evil and all it's works. All global leaders are corrupt & only serve their god for the riches of this world.

It is very EASY & CLEAR! Don't waste your time & energy on a corrupt system that cares nothing about you. Even the so called celebrities, high leaders, they too will have there time & the enemy is using them & will kill them later. These types of individuals that smile in the lime light are called "sell outs" deceiving the world with their words & show NO positive ACTION, CHANGE of LOVE towards mankind. We must not put our faith in man, because he & she is a sinner of a corrupt seed.

Create a group - network of like minded individuals. Have a plan of action when the SHTF, what would you do if the grid - system goes down? Are you prepared? How can you help empower others. Use your skill(s) sets be creative so to help others.

Staying connected is the Key to becoming stronger & not fearing the enemy. We fear what we do not know. We understand things around the world aren't right, so what can we do. Don't wait for someone else to help you let alone the government. Be independant NOT dependant. 

Get your spiritual house in order, get right, don't let the enemy take the best of you nor control your mind to think all that you learned is false.

We live in a prison planet & the end game is for your spirit. Think of our planet as a mining farm for spirits, many spirits are too easy to mine, while other spirits are hard to control because they belong to God.