Income Tax fraud

Filing for income tax every year is a fraud! You should only file when you have the intent to make money, i.e. have your own business. NOT when you are working earnings to live, it's optional to file. Americans are uneducated & willingly to file because they are told to file their taxes every year. The federal reserve is a private bank. State tax is legal & funds go to your local state which pays for maintenance etc . But federal tax is like giving your money to a mobster. If all American stood up and STOPPED filing taxes the banksters would go broke & we would take back our country. Note; read the book "End the Fed" by Dr Ron Paul. IRS fraud!! No Law requiring Americans to pay Income Taxes on their Labor! Get involved know the FACTS & know about the good men & woman who are educating & exposing the IRS fraud, visit "We The People Foundation" Wiki follow on facebook visit website America: There's "NO INCOME TAX LAW." EDUCATE YOURSELF, SEEK THE TRUTH, HELP OTHERS, DON'T STOP UNTIL YOU ARE WELL INFORMED WITH FACTS! More people need TRUTH & not to be enslaved by non- elected officials.