The global system that we live in is designed to enslave us by using TIME against mankind. Time is what gets us distracted from the real important things in life. Time is what keeps mankind busy living the "human race".

Time to go to work, time to go to school, time to eat, time to sleep, time to wake up, time to pay taxes, time to watch sports, time to buy stuff, etc.

Mankind is unknowingly giving their time away to a beast system that feeds off your energy, it's goal to distract you from the truth which is you were created with many gifts and talents to share with the world. We are spiritual beings occupying a physical body in a physical world.

The beast system has stolen our creativity and in turn profited, basically making them rich, while we remain poor & enslaved to a controlled system.

Time is precious when spent wisely giving back, helping others, being independent! When used incorrectly your whole life- time flashes before you leaving you feeling empty. Questioning "So is this what life is all about?". & the Answer is;



The Orgin the god of "Time" Saturn worship


America worships the god of time Cronus, Kronos i.e Saturn

Kronos dipicated in movies & a United States based private company called Kronos Incorporated used for time keeping "time clock in & out" used Nationwide to enslave mankind. You get paid just enough to return back to work the next day.

American new Rome worships greek gods, pagan religion.

Days of the week, planets, products named after gods etc.


Kronos time clock swipe in & out

Kronos one of many Hollywood Movies, dipicting the beast. 

Kronos time clock in & out finger print I.D.






The United States currency phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST" doesn't mean what it basically reads. To the ordinary person GOD is referring to Christ Jesus, but that's not correct.

The hidden symbolism in the U.S currency goes much deeper & when researching there are many videos providing a watered down version to the public of the meaning of the symbols. Not to cause panic.

IN GOD WE TRUST = the Greek gods & WE TRUST refers to the secret societies who practice to this day mystery religion i.e. Freemasonry, Masons, etc.

Reason why the Ultra rich get richer, reason for all the global wars, reason why human sex trafficing, reason why drug trafficing, etc. all based on MONEY in their GOD THEY TRUST.

Not the Christian God "Christ Jesus" in fact Jesus turned over the money changers i.e. bankers because he knew how dishonest they were to society and how they enslaved Gods children.


The love of money shows the true colors of many and how greedy they are and also how they are destroying the planet and causing global genocide with the love of money and the phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST". this obvious does NOT represent the majority of Americans, while others don't believe in a God or creator.



The enemy has to keep deep hidden secrets so it's not exposed to the general public in fears of being over thrown or killed. Centuries and decades ago here we are today, nothing has changed, just different people in high places but same blue prints to create a global dictatorship, technology to overthrow billions of people to save a few as slaves to be chipped & to serve the kings and queens that live on earth in a new world order, system of high technology. This may seem like a movie, but it's not, plenty of evident proves, technology on the rise tomorrow is of today.


More information - study on "AI= Artificial Intelligence, i.e. High Technology" in the courses indexed.

Remember keep researching, "" is not here to cause fear but to simply provide a public awareness of what is actually going on in America and in the world. It's all a global attack on humanity. The information provided in the courses is to awaken you to the beast system & exposing the corruption and the control.

If Christ Jesus doesn't exist & the world was created out of one Big Bang then why are Christians persecuted around the global, missionaries simply spreading Gods Love are being killed, churches burned, supplies to the needy thrown to the trash.

The Beast system knows it's time is short & is ramping things up because "no one knows the day or hour, when Christ will make his second coming to earth". Hence why global destruction on the planet is at a rapid pace.

Truth censorship is on the rise and being silenced online like theres is no tomorrow. They are trying to slow down real true information from getting out to the masses, otherwise it will destroy their plans that they have been pursuing for centuries.

People are waking up to the deception & who once didn't believe are now believers of Christ Jesus & his Love for You & humanity. This information is vital to share & to obtain the knowledge before it's pulled from the web. Because at the end of the day it's all about where your spirit goes "Heaven or Hell". Yes the spiritual world dimension does exist.