Bank Industry fraud

Corrupt from deep inside the industry. Funding unjust global wars against humanity, operating global drug wars, secret off shore account so not to be detected, creating duplicate FAKE accounts on their customers without their knowledge. Wells Fargo whistleblower on recent scandal, Bank of America employees we were told to lie to struggling home owners, The federal reserve & JP Morgan Chase laundered $15 Trillion to UK banks, All Wars are Bankers Wars, Central banks and wars, Bankers and staged wars.

The writing is on the wall banks are the global problem, they are enslaving humanity and getting away with murder.

Knowledge is power; understand by educating yourself exposing the banks as they are the enemy, and not the people.

Now that you know banks are the global problem you can’t turn a blind eye and do nothing, if you do then you are accepting all of their illegal activity that they are doing on humanity, it’s a global war, and it’s on the people.


Buy a Safe for your home & keep all your valuables!

Review the following videos below for tips on how to keep your money safe & why your money inside the bank is NOT your money, even the bank tellers state reason for unable to claim your money. This is really a BIG SCAM & needs to be exposed to the masses. The banks are not your friends & are only out to make money & will do so with your money. That's how they get rich & powerful by stealing other peoples money.

Plus you get charged with fees for using your money, why would anyone subject themselves to such criminal organizations. Oh yeah because of the convenience they offer, which is also a scam so they can track your every purchasing (move) transaction. Your money can be gone by a click of a button. It's harder when you have physical cash stored away at home in a safe.

It is NOT The peoples of the world, job to stop the bankers and their actions, but it is more of our duty to WARN & EDUCATE to massess exposing their plot to dominate the planet.

5,300 employees fires from Wells Fargo due to fraud






IMF secret destroying humanity PDF