Public education fraud

The U.S education system is owned and operated by the U.S government. All school board curriculums is designed to dumb down students, MANipulate history and to create followers NOT leaders, or use critical thinking. The deliberate dumbing down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt is a must read. Why common core must be opposed. Proof common core is killing common sense. Arkansas mother obliterates common core in 4 minutes. Persecution of homeschoolers is under threat. Videos provided below.

The government owned and managed education system is main goal to corrupt innocent minds. To take away critical thinking, to steal ones individuality, to create independency.

Why are parents persecuted for home schooling their children? Is it because the school  isn’t receiving funding from the government, one less child they can corrupt. Again the system is rigged and created to make the bankers rich & in total control of mind and spirit.

Common Core is called brain washing, changing beliefs, controlling, minds, values and destroying freewill all based on government standards.

A must read