Stop Smart Meters from being installed in your home or business

Smart meters are tracking your every usage of energy i.e. when you watch TV, when you wash your clothes, when you use your AC, etc.

Smart meters are literally making people sick from the high Radiation that's being admitted. Also know to start fires in your home and are hackable turning off electricity making it easy to burglarize a home.

Are smart meters really good to SAVE MONEY or are they really a WEAPON against the consumer?

Smart meters are data minning machines that store your information / collect and then sell to their vendors i.e corporations. So you see it's not about saving money it's really to MAKE THEM MORE MONEY from your personal information at home or at your business.

The following videos below are very detailed and also on how you can take action to have them removed from your home & or block the Radiation coming from the meters.

The government mandate is to have all homes with Smart Meters by the year 2020

Smart Meters are being installed globally!


Take Action to rid your home or business from Smart Meters

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What are Smart Meters? Energy corporations working with the government











Outside of home Radiation reading

Inside of home Radiation reading