Smart Cities used with 5G technologies

This is the enemies strategy; Problem, Action, Solution

The enemy will state the problem; pollution, over population, not enough food, water & transportation etc.

Then the enemy will state the Action & Solution which is the use 5G technology to solve the problems of today i.e. to automate every facet of our lives from; driving, dining, delivery etc.

Smart Cities i.e Digital Cities

Sounds good right....

What's the catch, at what price will all of this cost & what about freedoms & privacy, do they not exist anymore?

They are going to package Smart Cities as a positive move for the 21 century, but REALLY it's all about CONTROL & further ENSLAVEMENT, TRACKING EVERY MOVE, FROM WHAT YOU BUY TO YOUR EXACT LOCATION. 5G technologies has many health side effects & can even penetrate through walls in your home.

This high technology future was predicted & written about decades ago & how it would enslave humanity since they cannot think for themselves, let the righteous do it for them.

Smart Cities - Digital Cities is NOT for the betterment of Mankind but digital technology to; track, every move enslaving Mankind even more.

Will there be 2 worlds; the Smart cities world & the old non tech world as we currently have now? Will people go along with the Smart cities and live in them or will people revolt and not live in them living in remote forest - mountain areas? Sounds crazy but it will soon become reality!

It's total control over your MIND! PLUS WHO is paying for all of this high tech rebuilding, would if be tax payers regardless if you approve or not.



A must read George Orwell 1984


Tom Wheeler FCC Chair & frmr Senior Lobbyist, CTIA

is leading the charge in allowing - pushing 5G to be rolled out throughout the U.S.A

without any studies done regarding health affects Radiation exposure.

No public hearing or voting on the subject is allowed. 5G towers massively being put up in every city across America.

All he cares about is making BILLIONS of dollars & the expense of millions become sick from RADIATION POISENING.

MORE & MORE Americans & people around the world need to be aware of the health affects 5G will cause i.e. CANCER.

NOTE; the video below shows by covering your internet modem, & any other devises that emits wi-fi radiation can be

blocked by wrapping them in foil or in mylar used in helimum balloons.

The enemy packages really nicely so the public goes along, but the BIG


Did The People Vote for this? This massive project is being forced on The People!

100 Resilient Cities—Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation is financially supported by The Rockefeller Foundation and managed as a sponsored project by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides governance and operational infrastructure to its sponsored projects. Backed by the United Nations. source click here


Smart Cities NOW being built (2017 to current) across the country & world!

Transportation Congestion sensors

Water & wastewater monitoring

Parking APPS & Kiosks

Bridge Inspection Systems

Self driving cars

Waste Management Sensors

Fire Detection

Energy Monitoring

Solar panels

Smart Logistics Freight

Vehicle fleet communication

Lighting LED sensors


Survellance cameras

Body cameras

Wearable detection

Broadband Infastructures

iCloud data gathering


A new report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) sees the Smart City market growing to US$1.3-1.6tn by 2020E (vs US$1tn today) and highlight six entry points for investors wishing to access the theme: (1) Smart Infrastructure; (2) Smart Buildings; (3) Smart Homes; (4) Smart Safety & Security; (5) Smart Energy; and (6) Smart Mobility. The report ranks Singapore, London, New York, Paris and Tokyo as the world’s smartest cities. The study, 21st Century Cities: Global Smart Cities Primer, anticipates fast growth for: 5G, AI, building automation, Big Data, bricks and steel infrastructure, Cloud, cleantech, cybersecurity, electric and autonomous vehicles (AVs and EVs), IoT, sensors, surveillance, telco infrastructure and services, and voice assistants, among other areas. The report presents a list of 250+ global stocks covered by BofAML that have exposure to Smart City-related solutions.

According to BofAML Smart Cities are fuelled by a ‘perfect storm’ of disruptive technologies and social innovations. Smart Cities use 21st century disruptive technologies to meet demographic, economic, environmental, infrastructure and social challenges. These include: ubiquitous broadband coverage (84% globally); nextgen infrastructure (5G up to 100x faster than 4G); the Internet of Things (IoT) (10bn connected devices in cities by 2020E); Big Data (200mn GB of data/day for a city of 1mn by 2020E); the Cloud (secure, open platform); and artificial intelligence (AI) (predictive insights, anticipatory actions). source

With the growth of smart cities, how do we build smart citizens to match?

People involved in creating the world’s smart cities might think everyone knows what a smart city is. But in reality, only 18% of people have heard of the term ‘smart city’, let alone understood what it means. Moreover, emerging technologies such as AI, play a key role in smart city projects; even so, they are alien to most of the public. People are a critical constituent of the smart city landscape, but digital literacy is a big challenge for citizen inclusion and engagement in smart city policies. Another crucial point in constituting smart cities and encouraging citizen engagement is making data transparent and available to the public. However, while in most countries, open data policies are considered effective for smart city sustainability, enabling in some way the dialogue between citizens and governments, in other countries such as China, these are questioned as a state-imposed abuse of personal data. source.




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