Student loan fraud

A student loan is offered at low interest rates to entice the innocent individual so they can continue to receive a higher education degree or certificate, a loan that must be repaid back, following you till your death offered by government programs. The organization (university, school) pushes wheeling in the student to take out a loan, because the school receives a cutback a percentage. The school doesn’t care if you can’t repay the loan, they just want their money. It’s all one big endless cycle everyone in it making money off the innocent & misinformed.

Question; what happens after you graduate, when it’s time to get a JOB only to find out your career has been outsourced to another country. You are stuck with a degree (worthless) that you can’t use & a government loan that must be repaid back. WHAT A SCAM!

You are better off learning the trade on your own (research) which is free, verses getting into debt keeping your fingers crosses the job market doesn’t tank.    

The SOLUTION; if you want a higher education it should be for FREE, only charging for supplies and text books. It’s totally possible as the people are over (double) pay in taxes & also trillions of dollars goes missing (the people tax money) from the government. Something isn’t right & it surely smells like rotten eggs.

We must stand up to the bankster’s and expose them of their scams & stealing the people’s money. Don’t fall for the trap. Continue researching the facts.

NOTE: student loans can NOT be discharged in bankrupcy. Your government loan will follow you literally to death.

Who's really getting rich off of student loan debt. ANSWER; the bankers.