Histroy rewritten

You as in individual have to take the time out of your busy life to research & understand the true history. We all know planet earth has owners (prince, queens, governments & secret societies) around the world who are the enemy against humanity globally. They the 1% are the ones who are MANipulating changing history to serve their AGENDA.

Of course the enemy will NOT STATE THE TRUTH / FACTS about history, simply because it would uncover the enemies that they are who are destroying the planet, killing billions of people worldwide & who are also stealing resources and wealth from the working people.

We must take action & wake up to whats really going for time is short & history is changing right before our very eyes.

NOTE; the past generation (passed aways) remembers history one way and now a new generation (currently living) remembers history completely different WHY because the 1% have REWRITTEN history to benefit them & to keep humanity dumb down and continuing being slaves to the puppet masters who control the planet. It's very much a physical battle as much as it is a spiritual one.

The owners of the planet control; the media, the education system, the school text books, they own people called = order followers (excutives, presidents, & anyone else who sells out for money). So if they own everything how can you trust what they say, YOU CAN'T you have to do your own RESEARCH YOURSELF to uncover the TRUTH.  

Laziness is the number # 1 reason why so many people worldwide are misinformed & uneducated about current global events, their own family roots, constant brainwashing propaganda by the mainstream media, television, print, & education. Your individuality has been stolen, your creativity has been stolen. People choices are based off what they see on television (what they eat, fashion, likes, careers, soulmate etc) it's rare to find someones who's organically original who's unpluged from TV, who's looks, career, and likes are different, but you know many of people would call this individual as WEIRD. When someone does't fit in the box as society says you are, then you considered DIFFERENT. Which is NOT a bad thing more so a BETTER thing open minded independent individual, free thinker, non conformed to society.

The newer generation is waking up to the FAKE news to what the enemy calls CONSPIRACY THEORY & in fact millions are taking it on their own to do the research the conspiracy - topic to only find out it's real & a FACT. Sounds like the enemies game tactic backfired on them. Hence reason why censorship is on the rise to get rid of truth & to make fake news from MSM the primary souce of your brainswashing news.