The enemy knows you better than you know yourself.

Many people understand who the god of this fallen world is & the enemy is spiritual & also in the physical realm. This is a real topic & goes really deep into the spiritual world. This is the reason why the enemy has been deceiving billions of people to thinking that there is no enemy & that Satan is a mythical being, when in FACT Satan is real & his children on this planet worship him by selling their souls for all of the riches of this world, i.e. "sell outs to humanity".

Fear No goal is to expose the darkness & the corruption of this planet. To educate the innocent to expose trillions of tax dollars being used against humanity instead of helping ending (homeless, creating jobs, free education, ending diseases, ending wars etc. )

Humanity is under an INFORMATION WAR, a WAR on our MINDS! History has been MANipulated over time to discredit Christ Jesus (Love) & to give worship to the fallen Satan his goal to (kill,steal & destroy) Christ Jesus children.

Think of the world as if you are in an amusement park, playing with all the gadgets, having fun being entertained not a worry in the world. But all awhile the amusement park is controlled & designed to get you distracted from truth & not for you to get in the way of the enemies global agenda. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, don't ask critical questions & surely don't get involved in revolting against the powers that control the park i.e. the world.


One has to be well balanced of Christ Jesus Love for the world & also educated as to who the enemy of this fallen world is.

Born of the flesh is temporary, our call of action is to be of a sober mind...

Those who support their global leaders or participate in corruption are the cause & problem of the destruction of humanity. We must pull ourselves away from the evilness and STOP participating in dividing the people. Stop listening to the fearmongering on tele lie vision & START becoming INDEPENDANT, use CRITICAL THINKING, start YOUR OWN networking GROUPS to promote the LOVE our creator & EXPOSE the evilness of this WORLD. For we are servants & not CONSUMERS of the MATERIAL fleshly desires. Real gobal change starts with the peoples from around the global WAKING UP to the powers that shouldn't be who run the world in secret.

Our duty servant is not to pursue the American dream, which is the problem as to why so many issues are plaguing humanity literally destroying us from all sides. The killing, stealing & destruction has to STOP & more leaders such as yourself need to come out in the open to the public & to take a stand.

The war is a spiritual battle, for we were born into a fallen world, a world that is totally controlled & we are literally living in a toxic fish bowel, everything in our lives is controlled by the enemy. The illusion and smoke screens is designed to keep you destracted and from understanding the real truth about the creator of all things & his love for you. Humanity is in a constant battle between good & evil. We must call out the enemy for what it truely is EVIL & to HELP others. NOTE; many Christians say they know Christ but DONT know the enemy of this world Satan.

We are at constant war with ourselves "mind control" fighting our actions to do what is right & not what is wrong. This is what's called spiritual warfare.

You are not alone, many people use prescription drugs thinking it's them and not understanding it's the enemy demonic possesion through radio frequency. NOTE; the human body consist of over 70% of water, humanity is like a plant gentle but tough enough to withstand the heat and what ever else is thrown it's way. To much wifi technologies etc., is destroying the planet, animals, plants, enviroment & humanity.

Everything Makes sense when you put all of the pieces together, it's then you can see the BIGGER picture & the ENEMIES game play of destruction.

This is reason why non believers are now believers of Christ Jesus. It's a Spiritual Awaking to the illusion thats been forced upon humanity (history) to believe when all along it's false & has been MANipulated to serve the Kings & Queens of this earth.

The truth is stranger than fiction! Food for thought think about this...the controllers that run the planet that cause the global wars, manipulate global currency, who create diseases, who suppress technologies for themselves, who manage drug & human trafficking, who kill millions of babies each year, etc., who's to say are these 1% even human? Because the average person's heart couldn't do the evilness that these people do, so this begs the question ARE THESE SO CALLED PEOPLE EVEN HUMAN? Has the global leaders been taken over by another species, are they using highly sophisticated technologies that humanity knows nothing about to disguise themselves to look like they are human? We can not be naive to think this isn't true or even possible.

Keep in mind many presidents from the past have warned humanity of the global treat. Is the enemy working from within, is humanity unknowling serving another species? This is the core issue & problem that needs more investigation.

Reference a couple of videos below from past presidents warning to humanity. Keep in mind they speak in covert language, double talk, subliminal language to only those in the know who will understand the true meaning of the speech, while the masses will understand the message taking it at face value & or confused by the message being conveyed. Satan is the father of all lies and confusion.

Alien threat already among us

Military industrial complex is the alien threat

Secret organizations are among us & run the world


The Movie "They Live"

The Main actor of the movie Rowdy Roddy Piper says it was...

image below from his twitter account he tweeted..



Think about it what gain would he benefit by saying the movie is a "Documentary" nothing. For the simple fact that he was & is an insider of the industry &  (former WWE) he knows exactly who runs the show & who his bosses were. Wikipedia

Below is a detailed video referencing bibical scripture regarding the

Image technology

NOTE; this topic "image technology" is very real & certainly needs to be investigated more.

Many people from around the world have discussed how this technology exist & is being used against humanity.

Inconclusion the enemy knows you better than you know yourself. For many centuries and empires past present & future our whole way of life has been MANipulated by Satan & his children those that sold their soul to Satan. 

The fact of the matter if you believe or not, Satan exist & his goal is to kill, steal & destroy Christ Jesus God's children.

The human body has been studied and MANipulated for a very long time, i.e. DNA tampering, cloning, gene editing etc.

How well do you know your body? This is reason why it's stated "your thoughts are not your own". Your

creativity & individuality has been stolen by the enemy. You are a slave to the system, you like what every else likes, you consume what everyone else eats, your fashion is the same, your mind & thoughts have been molded by the enemy & his devices "Tele LIE vision". Once you unplug from the system, detox, stop watching the propaganda & take action, it's then you can start truely living your life FREE & walking & being Christ like, serving others.



The NEWS is scripted & owned by 6 Major News Corporations

The public is NOT getting REAL News.