Pension Plan Funds cut!

How can an employee of a corporation that offers a pension plan & the employee pays into the plan FUNDS ARE TO BE CUT! This does not make sense & the only logic behind the cut is that SOMEONE IS STEALING THE FUNDS!!

This issue has not been covered by main stream media only because they don't want a mass panic nor angry employee confronting their employers. Also another reason why this issue is not covered by MSM is due to the fact is that the funds are being stolen. Why would a thief shed light on himself stealing money, doesn't make sense right!

We the people need to make this issue go viral & help others acknowledge that it's not only them that's getting their pension funds cut, it's across the board with major corporations.

Please research this issue more & get active in shedding the light & helping the innocent be informed.

Who's to say this issue is not affecting you or a loved one. Employees that paying into the fund depend on their pension monies for survival & for it to be stolen from right underneath their feet is wrong, Justice needs to be served.

This is criminal & stems from greedy corporations.

The ultra rich 1% are literally destroying the country & stealing people money.