Christian Persecution Worldwide

Christ believers worldwide are unaware or uneducated about the facts about missionaries (Christ followers) who are helping others spreading the gosphel worldwide are being killed. No mainstream media news is covering the facts.


Christian Persecution

Satan's attack on God's children is an attack that's ongoing and worldwide. Satan has is children overseeing the Western media & in many corporations, law enforcement and so many other agencies that Christian persecution is kept in the dark. Satan's goal is to kill, steal and destroy. God is love and Satan is pure evil and destruction. Christian missionaries go throughout the world to help others in need, and many of times Christian get caught in the cross fire & they need help or die for their belief in Christ Jesus. The constant lies and hatred for Christ is proof that Christ is real and his love is obviously impacting the hatred to want to destroy even more. Out with Grace & Love & in with Evil, destruction, chaos, and death. 


God's Love for You he is the creator of all things, he is all knowing, he is loving, he is gracious, he has patience, he is a forgiving God, he knows your heart and the situation. Life is beautiful and life has meaning. God can forgive & want's to forgive you if you accept his gift of being SAVED, repent will all of  your heart he can hear you.

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