Getting Involved!

It doen'st have to be difficult or time consuming!

One person can not take on the fight all by themselves, nor does violent protesting or calling your congressman or woman for help work as they are always apart of the problem i.e working for corporations & not the people. It's been proven many of times that protest have been taken over by leaders in high places with BIG money to spend. Basically over throwing the orginal protest agenda and tearing it down from the inside out, making the original protest a complete failure.

Many innocent people young and old go along with so called officials to make a buck and then they lie to the public on television. Again actual footage of crisis actors used in different events. Classified ads placed on "craigslist" seeking actors for a socalled drill, pay $1000.00 or so, per day.

Humanity may not be able to stop the evil powers that be, but at least we can educate each other, uplift each other, spread love & not fear. We can show proof of their published materials regarding the destruction of humanity. It's not one persons duty to save the world, it's all of humanity duty to serve one another, to wake each other up, especially in a time of crisis.

How you can simply get involved is by....

* Share this website to family, friends & on social media.

* You can create your own free youtube account & subscribe to channels of interest.

* You can pick a topic of interest to lead the charge to make public awareness.

* You can make inexpensive flyers to pass out, website info.

* You can subscribe to alternative websites that are leading the charge in public awareness, i.e. chemtrails, vaccines, gmo's, artificial intelligence etc.

* You can bring up topic to your professor and teacher to look into, maybe have a class discussion.

* Maybe you have the financial means to host a video viewing regarding whatever topic at a conference room, or maybe host a video viewing at your home for free.

* Networking, networking is so important talking to average people create your own you tube channel, talk to regular people and ask simple questions about whether modification or gmo foods.

* Support the truth movemove financially, not only "" but there are millions of other people around the world educating, uplifting & providing a way out, as there always has been one. All we needed to do is seek, knock and ask & it shall be given to you. Matthew 7:7



If you can get rid of your television & replace it with watching informative, educational videos on Youtube. Knowledge is power & we fear no more because we know truth and we know who our enemy is, otherwise we fall victim to the enemy leading the sheep to the slaughter house. We must wake up & become the leaders that we are deep inside, we are creative spiritual beings. Let's get to work!


The following yourtube channels below are perfect examples of ordinary people (who care) who started out small waking up people, and now their Youtube channels grew to millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers. View their channels content, support, like and subscribe. If they can do it so can you!

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