Create your own free Youtube account!

1st If you already have a Youtube account, then GREAT you are 1 step ahead of the game.

2nd Replace your television with your free Youtube account. Why; because half the country (U.S.A) & the world knows that TV is nothing but; brainwashing, mind control & it's a tool / a weapon on your mind to get you to spend money (you dont have) to consume more stuff that you don't need, or to get you into deeper debt with a new car, or to get you sick or with a disease eating fast - junk food & or playing the divide and conquer (game) choose from the left & the right mainstream media (propaganda), fearmongers.

3rd If you don't have a Youtube account its free & easy to set up an account. Click HERE basic video tutorial on creating a free account. NOTE; setting up your account / channel with a photo or banner & or uploading videos is optional. The main reason you would be creating a free Y.T account is to subscribe to your favorite video to watch that's it!

4th After you creating your free Y.T account now it's time to subscribe to your favorite channels. Click HERE video tutorial on how to subscibe to channels. NOTE; Derrel Eves Youtube channel is a must to subscribe to, not only does he have informative tutorials on all Youtube topics (getting started, video creating, marketing etc. ) he's also an animated individual & makes learning easy & fun, again a must to subscribe to his channel click HERE


History of YouTube (more info click here)

* Founded in 2005

* Growth in 2006 Y.T new video uploads daily in the thousands, & with 100 millions video views per day. Youtube continue to grow at a rapid pace. Hence with BIG Google came into the picture.

* Purchased by Google on Oct 9th, 2006 for $1.65 billion. Youtube hadn't even matured for at least acouple years before Google came along & bought them out. It was obvious BIG corporation as Google knew how fast it was growing per data & stats on SEO feedback reports. 

* Conclusion Youtube short run was cut short due to Google & the massive censorship across the board, videos being terminated under false charges. Plus getting advertisement revenue cut by 50% for content creators. This goes to show you BIG CORPS or BIG GOV step in takes over & they turn something that was good to bad complete destruction.

NOTE; YOU Tube was about The People YOU can post what was on your mind

AND NOW YouTube should be called THEM Tube as the voices of The People are being silenced.


Just because it's easy for Google i.e.Youtube to pull the plug terminating someones channel due to  conservative views obviously goes against the enemy / establishment of exposing the TRUTH.

Alternative video sharing websites...

The enemy hates truth & will do anything to STOP IT hence turn off your Y.T account. Remember we must NOT FEAR, nor GIVE UP! Millions of people around the globe have had their Y.T account turned off, but that hasn't stopped them from reopening a new Y.T account. But I'm sure Y.T will catch on & will ban creating multiple accounts under the same IP address.

So what would be the next options?

Subscribe to The Corbett as their videos are hosted on their own servers & not subject to You Tube censorship or video deleting. Click HERE

New alternate video sharing sites that are not like Y.T in censhor at least for now, check out & join...

BitChute / DTube /





How video sharing is empowering people from around the world...

Knowledge is Power & our voices should NOT be silenced. People around the globe are waking up to the mass censorship and are taking action. Evil will not win as the Light of God & his Love will always win. God hates ugly & when evil...kills, steals & destroys Gods children, his children fight back, using the tools created against the enemy to alert the masses.

Video sharing is not only about exposing the corruption evils of the world, but as you know millions of videos posted from; Health, Cooking, Arts, Music, Singing, Crafts, Carpentry etc.

Video sharing is not also strictly to be ENTERTAINED, as it is mostly a tool to LEARN to EDUCATE yourself to a better HIGHER LEARNING. A FREE education.

Let your voice be heard....

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Time is moving so fast & many of times hard to keep up! If you don't like to be on camera, then you don't have to be. Simply speak, let your voice be heard and focus the camera on an object or an image. You can even focus your camera on your garden out back & you can speak in the back ground, about what evers is on your mind.

Speak your voice, be the change you want to see out in the world. Do it while we still have the chance, because the internet & Youtube nor the others video sharing sites may no longer be due to the global government censorship. This is how The People globally can fight back.