How the enemy operates

As we covered in many of the courses the enemy has it's hand in every topic-issue in...killing, stealing & destroying mankind & society. The enemy is not shy about it's actions nor will the enemy stop anytime soon. How can we stop the enemy - Satan & his worshippers minions?

We must first admit their is an enemy and he goes by many names one most know is Satan.

If you continue living your life not knowing you are being attacked in every direction you turn then you are naively walking blind. You are unknowlying participating in a corrupt system where the only winners are the ULTRA RICH (sell outs to humanity). The poor & middle class will and continue to beg for scraps. This has to STOP.

The enemy has inflitrated every global organization from; media, government, education & healthcare, etc. The enemy has been working hard to destroy countries and the children of the one & only true God Christ Jesus. The enemy is the grand father of all lies. He hates you & wants to destroy you because you were created in the image of his father. Yes Satan is a rebel who went against his father who also created him. Satan was pride full & wanted to be like God, so he was cast down to heaven earth & now Satan copies & perverts everything that God represent which is good & of Love for evil.

Satans children who sold their soul to him are rich and powerful, we see them in all areas in various organizations; music industry, politics, entertainment TV, media print, religion, education, healthcare & the list goes on & on, this is the main reason why everything all around us is collapsing.

The enemy operates as if life is a game the system or matrix that we live in, what ever that is good he has a part in destroying for his evil deeds. Satan operates using the well know phrase; Order out of Chaos, the game plan is to create the chaos they started, then they bring in the solution to restore order. This is the BIGGEST SCAM and one of the older game plan strategy used through out history.

It's just like the phenox rising from the ashes a rebirth of something new.

God has given his children free will choice, but the enemy has taken that away from mankind by using distraction, lies, and created man made laws to enslave mankind. One can not think straight hence why so many people are confused and lost nor do they believe in a creator or Christ Jesus. We must educate ourselves for truth as it's not one person job to educate YOU nor the population. Education is a networking system where everyone has the piece of the puzzle, we just need to work together & put our differences aside to create a better world getting rid of evil or at least exposing of evil and all of it's darkness and evil works.

It's all or nothing!

You can't support a corrupt system then also claim you follow Christ. It doesn't make sense! Christ turned over the money changers i.e the bankers because he knew how corrupt they were & till this day they are still corrupt, but yet people use the banking system & they support many illegal organizations that goes against what Christ stood for. We surely do live in an upside down world.

The simpliest solution is to UNPLUG FROM THE SYSTEM stop supporting it & STOP the dividing game between each other (brothers & sisters) NOTE the enemy created it & you are falling into the trap, reason why ORDER FOLLOWERS ARE THE PROBLEM go along to get along.

What every happened to EXPOSING THE CORRUPTION, what ever happened to VALUES & LOVE.