Religion designed to divide the people!

The enemy goal is to confuse, divide, kill, steal & to destroy God's (the creator) children. The enemies plan today is working as millions of people don't believe in God nor do they believe in a higher power.

Everyone knows manmade religion doesn't work as action speaks money is only making the rich richer and the poor homeless is not helping, so this is reason why many don't believe in religion.

Don't get it twisted and confused, religion is manmade it's a blueprint. God is Love and his spirit lives inside all of us, for those of us that believe of course. For we were born into a fallen world and do carry the seed of the enemy. If you accepted Christ you will be reborn into one single love of Christ.

So the athiest and non believers are CORRECT religion is corrupt, only cares about money, doesn't solve problems, etc., and more reason NOT TO JOIN NOR BELIEVE IN GOD. More reason not to actually believe in God Christ Jesus the creator of everything. The enemy is winning because his game plan is working, it's dividing and confusing the people.

Spiritualism is deeper and needs to be researched by you.

Take religion out of the picture because it's man made & man is corrupt a sinner.

Mankind, YOU, we are SPIRITUAL beings living in a physical experience in a temporary flesh body.

Spirituality, the spirit within you is not talked about at all, because it is the truth that is being covered up by the enemy and the game plan that the enemy is trying to take away from you and from God.

FAKE religious groups "Jesuits" creating war on both sides to make money funding Rome.

The Jesuits are a Military Organization, not a religious order.

"Jesuits are a secret society, a sort of Masonic Order..."


The true history & reason why man made relgion disigned to divide & confuse the masses by the enemy!