Strange Events Happening Worldwide!

Unheard of events taking place worldwide caught on video by average people. The mainstream media is not reporting on such events. Why? because are they in on it? What do they know? What is the controlled media hidding?

We know suppressed technology is being used against humanity hence could be reason for global events happening with no real answers. Is the disclosure of aliens taking place but just not OFFICIALLY being reported to the masses.

People around the world are experiencing and seeing before their eyes never before events unexplained. Is the supernatural (higher or lower dimensions) world opening up with our world (3rd dimension)?

This topic surely needs to be investigated, shared with others, use your camera's to document and share on "That is Impossible" youtube channel.

We the people need to network and get out from our comfort zone to help educate others, because the creator of everything even mankind did not give us a spirit of fear.

If you don't have a free Youtube channel you really need to get one, it's fast & easy to set up! 

Stay connected and aware whats happening around the world before you are deceived by the enemy.

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