Univeral Basic Income (alternative to welfare) just like Alaska gives it's citizens

In the United States estimate $10,000 per year

Basic income currently exist i.e. Social Security but the individual paid into the system of Social Security. What about if you don't pay into the system & receive Basic Income?

Unconditional basic income is the growing global solution to no jobs due to automation taking over jobs & decreased productivity humanity seeking jobs that aren't available. Is basic income the future. 

A set amount of money for everyone especially for the poor.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Does this encourage people to seek employment if they alrealy receive a basic income or does this motive?

Question; who are the people contributing to the basic income, is it the working class through taxes, as we all know nothing is for free!

Does universal basic income encourage laziness and depression? What really is the underline agenda?  How would this affect the global economy? Would people actually spend money or save money to pay bills?

You be the judge and view the following videos below, surely eye opening and more study and research into the subject matter.

NOTE:  this will be a government funded and accessed to the government that can turn off your access to funds if you don't get vaccinated or if you go against the government.