Key (words, phrases, & questions)  to keep in mind when researching...

* Organizations history, operational history, overall focus, orgins, partnership, government, private, global interactions, religion affiliations, headquarters, political affiliation, financial records, gains, etc. 

* Research publications, records, seminars, videos, interviews, books, powerpoints, meetings local or foreign etc.

* Motive, overall objective, how does policy affect humanity, what contribution to humanity if any, who's funding agenda, does the public have knowledge (aware) of agenda / plans, has the citizens voted on, does it benefit humanity, or take away more freedoms etc.

* Is the public aware of vital information, who's leading the charge for public awareness, what actions have been taken by the (suspect/ enemy) through financial or silencing the innocent for simply exposing.

* Has protesting or petitioning the organizations or government been sucessful or has the issue been put to the side or repackaged for another date.

* Funding who's paying for secret agenda is the tax payers, who at the top is financially gaining. How can the innocent who are miseducated become aware of the truth.


DO NOT use your; Emotions, What you've heard, What you think or Attitude!

It's better to use.....



How can I start to study & research?

1. The first thing you need to do when you sit down to study & research is make sure you have a clear study space.

2. Get Rid of Distractions. Turn off your cell phone.

3. Make a List "PRO'S & CON'S".

4. Start with something easy working your way up.

5. Use a system that works for you "outline".

6. Set up a goal and reward.

7. Question what do you think about what you just learned?

8. Share information with others.

9. Have an open discussion.

10. Don't dismiss topic without continuing your own research.


The phrases "Conspiracy Theory" or "Fake News"

Remember the enemy goal is to silence TRUTH, hence creating catch phrases often used many of times to debunk facts so not to start a revolt in a Nation or Country. The war is on your mind, it's an information war. Censorship is on the rise.