All Family Christian Stores Closed throughout The United States.

The BAN of prayer in public school

The BAN of The Ten Commandments statues across The United.States.

The BAN of Bibles

The BAN of crucifix

The BAN & Persecution of Christians

Coming Soon the ban of Churches???

NOTE; The financial management of The Family Christian Stores doesn't appear to be handled correctly (mismanagement) hence why 240 stores closing nationwide. But then why would you open 240 stores if they weren't profiting & or in debt! 

Also the stores management team did little to no public awareness regarding their financial hardship (closing stores) they could of reached out to churches to purchase the stores to save them from completely closing or aquired business investors. It seems the stores closed so fast & with little effort to save them.

We know the enemy the god of this world had all to do with these stores closing.