Flat vs. Global Earth

History for many centuries ago has been MANipulated to serve the 1% agenda. With that said many people worldwide are fooled into only thinking ONE way taught by government education systems that the earth is a globe. The enemy that controls earth goal is to disprove the scripture Holy Bible.

When in doubt go to the scriptures "What does the bible say about earth is a flat or a globe?"

Keep researching & don't be easily convinced earth is a globe, remember the government is not your friend and has an agenda to; KILL, STEAL & DESTROY the creators children which is you.

Non believers of the bible will discredit the bible as support NASA that earth is a globe & gravity exist. NOTE; there are no real pictures of earth it's all CGI "computer generated images" created by man.









For more detailed study on flat earth visit; Markksargent Youtube channel

Note; Youtube has blocked his videos in certains countries advising content maybe affensive

NOTE; they also don't want you to know the truth. There is too much detailed information to not consider.

Please continue doing your own independant research & use the Holy Bible as your reference.

Click on image below to go directly to MARKKSARGETN Youtube channel, GREAT DETAILED INFORMATINO.