The Dynasty families that control Earth

The United States is a CORPORATION & NOT a country. The citizens are merely employees of the CORPORATION. Your SSN name on card is in all CAPS which is traded on the stock market etc. The truth about THE UNITED STATES & THE LAW. Rothchilds who own Earth, The top of the pyramid Rothchilds, Vatican & British crown rule. Blood Lines of the illumanti by Fritz Springmeier Jean-Claude Van Damme EXPOSES The Illuminati Banking Families Rothschild and Rockefeller on live TV.

This is reason why the ULTRA RICH keep getting RICHER & why wars are never meant to be won. These people are sick & evil to the core. They care nothing about Love, nothing about Humanity. These evil people kill, steal & destroy the planet & innocent lives.

It's time to wake up to the reality of life & who's controlling it!!

Royal Families that marry within to keep the riches in the family!

Elite bloodlines, from politics, hollywood, & many many other global organizations.


A must read book

The next level is the area of World Population Control which includes the various agencies that exert control over population either overtly or covertly. Often the people don’t even realise they are being controlled and manipulated. The principle methods of control include:

• Religion

• Advertising and consumerism

• TV and Radio

• Celebrity culture

• Employers

• Lobby groups and pressure groups

• Government (Local and National)

Government agencies include the following:

  • · Police
  • · Military
  • · Courts
  • · Prisons
  • · Schools
  • · Secret Service
  • · Media
  • · Traffic wardens and motorway police
  • · Acts of parliament and statutes
  • · Revenue and Taxation
  • · Customs
  • · Environmental Health Inspectors
  • · Climate change officers

Finally, right at the bottom are we the people known as the Population Resource the consumers, workers and debt slaves, the sheeple or chattel roughly 7 billion of us. read more click here.