Attack on Health is Wealth Sick due to GMO foods

BIG Corporations, Government & sub affiliates i.e. FDA etc., are all in bed with each other to destroy the health by creating manmade foods such as GMO's & Soylent green something else to look into. 

You really are what you eat! Especially if you know nothing about what you are eating! What may look like hamburger meat may in fact be processed meat with a small percentage of actual beef.

The following information below will blow your mind. You will surely think again what you are eating.

It is really evil & sad that billions of people around the global are innocently being poisoned and killed with food. This information needs to be exposed more research and shared with others.

Many scientist suggested GMO foods loose their nutritional content but yet resist bugs, and have a longer shelf life. How ever you may look at it the fact of the matter is why is man play God? Did the people vote on this? Because companies such as Monsanto paid millions to silence the truth! It's all about money & to confuse the public.