Federal Reserve Fraud

The average American citizen knows something to nothing about the Fed Reserve. The Fed Reserve is a private bank & is not related to the government.

For many decades tax payers assumed the Fed Reserve is a legal entity and affiliated with the government due to it's legal operations still in existence collecting tax payer money.

You will learn the Fed Reserve is a Non-government related, but a private banking system, that is non- elected by American people. The Fed Reserve is a banking family (J P Morgan, Paul Warburg, Rothschild to name a few) that is the worlds powerful, who control global economy, calling the shots when stocks rise and drop. 

The BIGGEST SCAM in American History!

QUESTION; What can be done to stop them?


Bankers from decades past to current date have stolen trillions of tax payers money & they are not held accountable, when will the insanity STOP! When will people stop paying taxes to resist the theft.

The Banking in existance is called "LEGALIZED BANKING FRAUD"

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The True America History never discussed in your schools text books.