History of Baphomet the illumanti's god

Many people who sold their soul to Satan are called "Sell outs to Humanity" because they ACT like they are doing good, but behind closed doors they have rituals and pratices that must be kept to Satan - baphomet. This riches of this world comes with a price, all the material things are not free. 

The children of Satan - Baphomet will do & say anything to put evil as good

The children of Christ the creator of all things will expose the darkness and all of their evil works. For God is of Love & only does good, he is not the author of confusion.

To the innocent educate yourself & help others do the same. Do NOT fall pray to the wolve in sheep clothing. For Satan comes as an angel of light & beauty, don't be deceived. This is a spiritual battle, but note God always wins the war.



This video explains easily the symbols hidden in baphomet. Note; the enemy will promote evil as good

so mankind will not panic (a dumbing down teaching technique).

The creator of everything is not the author of confusion, he is a God of Love, he wants us

not to worship such statues, nor to put baphomet before God. 

Continue your research on your own if baphomet was so good then why do celebrities who

come out exposing the evilness in Hollywood WANT OUT or suddenly die.

Baphomet is the fallen angel of light the god of this fallen world. Give your soul to him for all of the riches of this world.