Continue your own research!

Don't trust anyone not even the information we are presenting here, without you doing your own verification - research, research & research.

Many people will do anything for money including "silencing i.e getting rid of someone". Money makes people do crazy things. So to have the mentality (of being shocked, or I don't believe it) from a "celebrity or political or religious figure" DON'T BE FOOLED! They are paid to lie to the public. Before receiving their millions dollars the contract they signed is very long & detailed with information we the public know nothing about & if we did I'm sure it would definitely answer & shock us of what's expected of them.

The best tool to utilize is the "follow the money" phrase. What is their motive? The paper (money) trail will always direct you to their leader - organization.

You have the right to know about; the past, the present & the future. Many of the injust wars against humanity is funded by tax payer money. Your future and for the rest of humanity depends on truth. We all have a pupose and talents that need to be shared with the world. You must care about life, we must look after each other, we must fight for justice & to expose the evil that is working against mankind. What good does sitting back doing nothing solved, what about simply going with the flow, how about turning the other cheek, or having a negative outlook & totally discrediting the truth based on how you feel.

Missing Trillions of Dollars from Government a continued problem! What's really going on??




Key (words, phrases, & questions)  to keep in mind when researching...

* Organizations history, operational history, overall focus, orgins, partnership, government, private, global interactions, religion affiliations, headquarters, political affiliation, financial records, gains, etc. 

* Research publications, records, seminars, videos, interviews, books, powerpoints, meetings local or foreign etc.

* Motive, overall objective, how does policy affect humanity, what contribution to humanity if any, who's funding agenda, does the public have knowledge (aware) of agenda / plans, has the citizens voted on, does it benefit humanity, or take away more freedoms etc.

* Is the public aware of vital information, who's leading the charge for public awareness, what actions have been taken by the (suspect/ enemy) through financial or silencing the innocent for simply exposing.

* Has protesting or petitioning the organizations or government been sucessful or has the issue been put to the side or repackaged for another date.

* Funding who's paying for secret agenda is the tax payers, who at the top is financially gaining. How can the innocent who are miseducated become aware of the truth.